Women With Vision

3.22 "Earning while serving the community" with Sarah Summers

Episode Summary

Sarah is the owner of Rhea Lana's in Cobb County, a children's boutique consignment event. They sell upscale used children's clothes, shoes, toys, baby equipment, baby furniture, and more and our consignors are all Moms/Grandma's and Dad's in our community that are reselling their children's outgrown items. She worked in Corporate America, particularly in sales/marketing at IBM Corporation for 22 years. In this episode, Sarah talks about the results achieved are what keeps her motivated. Knowing that she is able to help her community with events. She helps consignors make money out of outgrown kid's items. In the process, she is also supporting the Mom that buys these used items for a fraction of the cost that they would have paid for a new one.